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Use For Business "Employee Monitoring"

Businesses today rely on mobile technology for their employees more than ever before. This leaves room for low productivity caused by employees performing personal tasks on mobile phones and tablets when they should be working.Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a constant distraction for those who feel they must stay tuned in to their favorite interests and be available at all times to communicate with family and friends. Nano Spy helps employers keep mobile phone and tablet usage in check during business hours. This page describes the different ways that businesses can use Nano Spy.

Employee dishonesty can put the future of any company in jeopardy, which is why it is essential to detect it when it's not too late. Nano Spy is a perfect cell phone monitoring application for any company since it can reveal employee theft in a timely manner and help business owners create an environment of awareness necessary for deterring fraudulent behaviour since staff will be aware of the real risk of getting caught.

Our team is dedicated to helping you supervise your child's phone or tablets usage. Below you will find links to commonly asked questions and user documentation for the product.