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Use For Parents "Child Monitoring"

In today's high-tech world, Mobile phone or tablet is a necessity for most adults. Parents are learning that when their child has a cell phone or tablet, it enables them to be safe at all times. But sometimes, children aren't necessarily mature enough to properly use such a powerful tool. Nano Spy helps you keep your young child or teenager on the right track and out of harm's way. This page describes some of the different ways to use Nano SpyWith the Tracer Mobile Phone Spy & Child Tracking Application you'll literally see the full picture including the Who, What, Where, When & Why's that every parent should know.

Nano Spy gives you a large number of innovative features that help you monitor any Android phone from any location.The application is invisible to the monitored user so you don’t have to worry about them finding out that they are being monitored. Listed below are some of the ground breaking features of Nano Spy. Click on 'View all Features' to view the complete list of nano spy features.

Our team is dedicated to helping you supervise your child's phone or tablets usage. Below you will find links to commonly asked questions and user documentation for the product.