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One can only proceed with the installation after he/she must agree with the terms mentioned below & is aware of the policies mentioned here.

By installing Nano Spy on a device, you confirm that you have proper consent to install Nano Spy & monitor the phone in question. If you have unwillingly or unknowingly installed Nano Spy on a phone for which you do not have rights to monitor, you can contact us or write to us on [email protected] to get assistance on removing the software.

Also, single Nano Spy license once installed on a phone, will be valid for that particular phone only and is neither transferable nor refundable in any condition.


Please note, Nano Spy is meant for monitoring of your loved ones only with the intention of protecting them, not spying them without their knowledge. You are not supposed to install Nano Spy on someone's device without his/her knowledge and use his/her collected private data for any private/commercial purposes. If you are found indulged in any such activity, Onestore India Private Limited is liable to provide respected government bodies with information about you and your activities if required. In addition, your license will be void in such case and no refunds shall be entertained.

If no update occurs under your account for a continuous period of 45 days, you account will be considered as inactive & will be removed along with your private data from the servers automatically due to security reasons.


Refunds will only be issued in case of any feature not working as mentioned or as shown in Demo on our website. Any feature which is not mentioned on our website nor shown in demo, will not be considered for an issue and no refund requests will be considered.

Improper voice in call-recordings will not be considered for the refund as it is a system-level incompatibility, not our application issue. In case you have requested any guide, links, videos or support for rooting your mobile phone, you are not eligible for the refund at all.

Please note our packages mentioned online are only for Android running devices. If you purchase the software and at later time you claim that you bought for any other OS, this will not be considered a case for refund.

All refund requests will be considered only prior to or within 24 hours from installation. Kindly allow us about 3-5 working days to refund your money back in your account after providing your details.


By using and installing the software on a device you accept that you possess the device you are installing the software on & you take the full responsibility about what the software will do.

Neither Nano Spy will take any responsibility about any misuse of the acquired data carried out by you.


While requesting for support regarding your subscription, customer must keep in mind that this is not a regular app but something extra-ordinary and cannot be treated as a somewhat subscription you buy on regular. You must keep calm, patience & maintain civislised behaviour. Any informal &/or uncivilised way of communication with staff employed with Nano Spy may lead to temporary suspension or permanent deletion of your account. No refunds & queries thenafter will be entertained at all & the decision will be final. Only a written, public apology by subscriber will considered in such case.


Once uninstalled from phone willingly using your online panel dashboard, your account will be removed from server in next 48 hours from receiving Uninstall confirmation. You will be chargeable for 50% of current license to reinstate the same account.