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Data Privacy

All your data synced from mobile phone to our server is stored inside a database in security of which, our IT Security team is working constantly to ensure you & only you can access your private data. However, we strongly advise you to change your auto-generated password on or after first-signin. You are requested to never-ever disclose your current &/or previous password to anyone in no condition. Also, changing password on a periodic basis can be considered a good measure too for securing you Nano Spy account.

Data Storage

The data stored on our server is stored as-is & is not modified in any manner by the Nano Spy team. A global (applied to all subscribers) data deletion job is automatically carried out on @ 04:00 AM (IST) which clears all data on server older than 30 days. Also, once you delete your data from the server there is no way to retrieve it back.

Legal Bindings

As a Nano Spy subscriber, you are only supposed to use Nano Spy for ethical purposes & follow all applicable laws in your country. Using Nano Spy for non-ethical intentions is neither permitted nor encouraged, and in case of which Nano Spy is bound to share your account details &/or acquired data with respective government authorities when asked.

Only you will be responsible for any charges raised for the misuse of Nano Spy software.

Important Notice

If you are found not adhering above policies, your account will be temporarily or permanently disabled &/or deleted with or without prior notice by the Nano Spy administration team.